Become an Affiliate

Join the Sweetser Affiliate Network

As a Sweetser affiliate you'll have access to our affiliate website and gain the full support of Sweetser, including:

  • Rapid payment of claims
  • Assistance with managed care (APS)
  • Support with clinical documentation and quality assurance
  • Access to clinical supervision and consultation
  • Educational opportunities through the Sweetser Training Institute
  • Confidence in working with an agency with over 185 years of history
  • Available referrals in your area

Being a Sweetser Affiliate has its Perks

  • Quality Assurance and Clinical Consultation
  • Agency and State of Maine updates
  • Billing Service and credentialing: MaineCare and Commercial Insurances
  • Council on Accreditation
  • Training Institute 50% discounts

For more information about becoming an affiliate, please call: Jan Dubois 207-604-6149 or 207-294-4477 or click here to email us: